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Improving the sales and profitability of your existing businesses is a very cost-effective way of increasing shopping district vitality and sales tax revenue. BDI offers practical, profit-improving retail seminars on topics from improving store appearance to advertising and security. BDI can also create a customized informative newsletter to keep your retailers updated on the latest techniques for improving their stores and staying competitive.

BDI Retailer Support Programs

Strong, independent businesses are the backbone of a successful business area. BDI offers a number of retailer support programs to help retailers compete against chains and navigate challenging economic trends. Conducted by Bridget Lane, a retail consultant and former regional supervisor for a specialty retailing chain, the seminars––customized to the retail mix in the redevelopment area––offer practical, profit boosting information that retailers find invaluable.

Some of the past workshop topics have been:

  • 50 Tips that Build Store Profits
  • Making on Old Store Look Good
  • 50 Ideas to Jump-Start Your Holiday Sales
  • Get More Bang for Your Advertising Buck
  • 10 Promotional Tips to Boost Sales & Build Customers

Participants in the seminars learn the latest retail technologies and techniques to maximize their businesses and receive a binder with check lists and forms to implement new procedures.