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What are the logical markets for your commercial districts? What new tenant opportunities are there? How can understanding your market realties translate into economic success? Looking at a commercial district or aging shopping center's logical markets can often be daunting for communities or district management organizations, not to mention, understanding how the analysis can actually be used to make the district more successful. Results Oriented Market Analysis has helped communities match their product to logical markets.

BDI’s market analysis and survey work are known for their practical focus on future results. BDI’s experienced consultants will help your community or organization not only understand the data and your markets, but how that information can be applied right away to improve your district--through business retention and recruitment; through remodeling and redevelopment; and through working with property owners to improve tenancies. Our clients have not only used their BDI market analysis to create a future vision but often can make immediate improvements. And that’s BDI’s goal—providing useful analysis and survey results geared to implementation.

In addition to complete market studies, BDI also conducts public input surveys on specific issues. These surveys provide clients with information to identify programs and new tenants most likely to increase commercial area utilization. As always, the focus is on practical information geared for ready implementation by our clients.