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Because commercial areas are always a ‘work in progress,’ economic and market conditions are always changing. BDI is committed to helping you maintain the vitality of your improved commercial district through a complement of continuing and technical services. These services have included:

  • Market analysis and survey work
  • Strategy implementation support
  • Marketing program review
  • Development services
  • Phone consultations
  • Technical support
  • Workshops

BDI also schedules an annual forum on timely topics for our client base. This seminar style session allows clients and invited guests to exchanges ideas, experiences, and share what works and what doesn’t in their communities.

This year’s Annual Seminar was held on Friday, June 14, 2013 in Oak Park.
Below are copies of files from the Seminar presentations:
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  • Seminar Agenda, "Nurturing Successful Indies in Your Community." VIEW
  • Bridget Lane's Presentation: '50 Tips to Improve Your Indies' Profits' VIEW
  • Bridget Lane's Handout: 'Retail Business Owner's Assessment' VIEW
  • Rachel Ward's Presentation: 'Homewood: You're in the Right Place' VIEW