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Business Districts, Inc. is the premier provider of business district services to local governments and business district organizations. For over a decade and a half, BDI has developed and implemented effective business district plans in top communities throughout the Midwest and elsewhere. We have created thriving, marquee projects, attesting to both community resilience and to BDI’s skill in ensuring long term results. With deep roots in urban planning, commercial development, business management, and commercial district management, BDI uses its flexible, hands-on approach to empower those developing their business district to define, move toward, and attain their aspirations for their districts.

Business districts are as varied as the communities that create and benefit from them. Whether they are commercial nodes, employment centers, traditional downtowns, mixed-use projects, or retail corridors, business districts announce and transmit the values of the communities they dwell in. Developing a business district that answers community expectations and city revenue needs within budgetary and local resource constraints has never been more challenging. Yet never has it been more rewarding. Today's commercial district is not just an economic entity, but also an emotional and social one. It's a gathering place that connects a community's past and future and affirms its values and cultural identity. Let BDI help you develop yours..